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Customize the Style of Your Plantation Shutters to Outlast Any Trend

When people search for new window treatments, it’s no coincidence that they frequently pick custom plantation shutters. These stunning treatments can transform any set of windows into an attractive focal point for your home. They also offer a uniquely timeless feel, perfect for homeowners trying to switch things up without worrying about them looking out of date in a few years. Taking cues from seasonal trends can be great for inspiration, but you deserve a look that feels fresh for years to come.

Thankfully, Louver Shop of Greensboro plantation shutters are designed to last. Not only are they built with the strongest materials, but they’ll outlast any trend. If you’re still unconvinced, consider scheduling a free, in-home or virtual consultation. With the help of a design expert, you can check out potential options to find out what suits you best. Until then, here are just a few of the benefits custom plantation shutters can offer.

What Are the Benefits of Plantation Shutters?

Shutters offer a blend of privacy and natural light: As with most window treatments, the levels of privacy and natural light often take priority. Plantation shutters are manufactured with easily adjustable louvers for fast and precise control over your window treatments.

Models with composite materials resist moisture and sun damage: Many custom Louver Shop of Greensboro plantation shutters are made with durable, long-lasting composite materials. You can capture the core beauty of shutters while keeping moisture and sun damage outside where it belongs.

Plantation Shutters complement a wide range of décor and architecture: Whether you’re a fan of stark minimalism or a lavish, old-world look, plantation shutters can effortlessly suit your personal sense of style.

One of the best advantages of plantation shutters is their versatility. By customizing things including the details, louver size and color, you can create a finished look that fits snugly into any style you want.

Hide or Display the Tilt Rod According to Your Preference

The tilt rod provides manual control for adjusting the plantation shutters’ louvers. For people who want truly traditional shutters, leaving the tilt rod in view is an easy choice to make. This extra detail adds a sense of rich coziness, the kind you’d find in cottages and chateaus alike. But with the ability to hide the tilt rod, Louver Shop of Greensboro plantation shutters can work with more contemporary looks as well. Don’t worry, because models with hidden tilt rods are still easy to move and maintain.

For example, Louver Shop of Greensboro Signature Shutters include detailed tilt rods and beveled louvers for beautiful decoration sure to draw the eye. And because these shutters are made with durable hardwoods like basswood or poplar, they’ll stay that way for a very long time.

Customize the Louver Size to Suit Nearby Décor

Switching up the louver sizes can be an easy way to match the style of your plantation shutters with the rest of the room. While smaller louvers are more traditional, larger louvers are easy to clean and complement nearby furniture or architectural details. These louvers are helpful for drawing in natural light without giving up on a sense of privacy.

Some homeowners worry that larger louvers mean more visible damage or fading. That isn’t a concern with our resilient Louverwood® Shutters. Designed with some of the strongest composite materials available, these shutters won’t expand, shrink, crack or fade. You’ll be able to appreciate their lasting, maintenance-free beauty for years and years.

Create the Perfect Color for Complementary Beauty

A bland color can turn even the finest décor in your home into an eyesore. Window treatments like plantation shutters are no different, but it’s a much easier problem to resolve. Louver Shop of Greensboro plantation shutters can be customized with a nearly endless list of paint and stain colors, ensuring your shutters always offer complementary colors.

For maximum versatility, you can’t get much better than our Heritage Shutters. Not only are they available in a staggering array of standard and custom colors, but they’re also water-based and nontoxic. Take all the time you need to find the perfect shade before adding a Diamond Coat finish for extra years of vibrant, illustrious color.

Discover Your Perfect Set of Shutters with Our Visualizer Tool

While customizing your plantation shutters is great for developing your unique sense of style, exploring options can take time. That’s no longer a concern with Louver Shop of Greensboro’s Visualizer Tool. You can pick from a variety of sample photos or upload a picture of the windows you’re looking to update. Browse shutter options and colors for a true “try before you buy” experience.

Louver Shop of Greensboro Plantation Shutters Are Yours to Design

With custom plantation shutters from Louver Shop of Greensboro, you can create beautiful window treatments according to your idea of interior design. From architectural details to hundreds of available colors, the final look is yours from top to bottom.

Find out what suggestions a local design expert can provide by trying a free consultation. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can browse all sorts of options and customization details with an experienced designer by your side. Schedule your consultation today by calling us at 888-428-1415.