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Trying to Declutter Your Home for 2022? New Window Treatments Can Help!

A typical New Year’s Resolution for many homeowners is minimizing clutter. Putting away decorations and cleaning up will go a long way, but there are other options for ensuring clear, open spaces. Think about expanding the idea of clutter to mean “visual noise” or excessive detail. While it may seem counterintuitive to add something, new window treatments are especially versatile. By simplifying their details, your window treatments can help declutter the room as a whole without giving up on a stunning aesthetic.

If you’re having a tough time picturing those kinds of window treatments, the design expertise of Louver Shop of Greensboro can help. Our free, in-home consultation service brings the convenience of the showroom right to you. Explore colors and materials to achieve that perfect look. To help you get started, continue below for our guide on using window treatments for decluttering your home.

Start with Clean Lines and Simple Silhouettes

Among the most popular types of window treatments, shades are typically the simplest in terms of visual appeal. Many options consist of a single section of fabric, reducing busy textures and outlines. Louver Shop of Greensboro’s custom Hunter Douglas shades can fit seamlessly into a wide range of window shapes, ensuring a cohesive appearance.

Roman Shades: A popular option for trendy looks, roman shades fold neatly into pleats when raised. For example, our Vignette® Modern Roman Shades can provide the privacy or light filtering you need with clean lines and beautiful colors. If energy efficiency is your priority, we offer roman shades with a honeycomb design, trapping pockets of air for efficient insulation.

Roller and Solar Shades: For an even more minimalist look, try roller or solar shades. Our designer roller shades come in hundreds of available fabrics, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. We suggest subtle patterns or texture as they can grant visual detail to the shades without looking too busy.

Other Options: While Roman and roller shades are ideal choices for simplicity, they’re not your only option. Vertical blinds—such as our Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds—appear almost invisible when perpendicular to the window and stack neatly against one another when closed.

Soften Things Up with Sheer Fabrics and Scattered Light

Sheer fabrics are a versatile choice for an uncluttered look, diffusing harsh sunlight and evening out the light and shadows in a space. Scattered sunlight establishes a softer look that remains consistent all day. When sunlight fills a room more directly, the shifting shadows can detract from contemporary or minimalist décor.

Many Louver Shop of Greensboro Roman shades and roller shades are available in sheer fabrics. And if natural light isn’t something you’re concerned about, opaque fabrics create a similar sense of simplicity. They can make an ideal treatment for bedrooms where consistent darkness is needed.

Swap Corded Controls for Motorized Convenience

Manual controls for window treatments include cords, louvers and wands. Our manual window treatments are resilient and easy to use, but they’re no longer a necessary component. Automated window treatments use motors and remote control to make adjusting them even more convenient. And by going cordless, you can further simplify their final look while maintaining a consistent sense of style with the rest of the room.

Our Solera® Roman Shades are a perfect example. Not only do they provide privacy and light filtering, but multiple control systems ideal for a clean look. The Powerview® Wi-Fi operating system can be connected with your smartphone, while the LiteRise® system allows you to pull and push the shades themselves for adjustment.

Other Tips and Tricks

Use light neutrals or like colors: White, grey and beige always provide a sense of cleanliness while complementing most other colors. You can also try shades that are just a bit lighter or darker than the walls, as this maintains a minimalist look without coming off as bland.

Larger-sized blinds and louvers simplify texture: Even though shades are popular for their simplicity, the right shutters or blinds can still fit beautifully into an uncluttered aesthetic. You’ll want to use larger louver or blind sizes as they appear less dense.

Trade layered treatments for a single, more versatile option: While layered treatments can grant the most control over privacy and light, the layered textures and materials may start to feel too busy for some homeowners. Investing in a single, high-quality window treatment can offer the best of both style and functionality.

Declutter Your Home with Louver Shop of Greensboro

Tidying up your home for 2022 doesn’t have to involve a broom or dust cloth. With Louver Shop of Greensboro, it starts with beautiful window treatments designed to last and highlight your sense of style. Take advantage of our free consultation service—available in-home or virtually—to quickly explore styles, colors, fabrics and every other detail with the help of your very own design expert.

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